Monday, 12 December 2011

And who are you, anyway?
Work began today at the National Theatre Studio and here is a picture of one of our collaborators arriving late.

She gave me permission to use the photograph, so everything's ok. As to the work we did, well, I am not going to talk about that as I think it would be rather boring to do so. I haven't actually posted on this blog for over a year now. This is because I don't really like blogs. Also because I am not sure I have anything to say. Or rather I may have something to say but I'm not convinced that a blog is the best format in which to express it. The last time I wrote anything here it was about my irritable bowel syndrome. If that's what it was. I don't have it any more. Now I've got something else, but I'm not sure if this blog is the place to tell you about it.