Tuesday, 17 August 2010

8am: banana, peppermint tea.
8.30am: mild explosion followed by another firmer one at 8.45
1pm: collection of small greasy stools at Liverpool Street Station en route to audition for Plan B's latest video.
2pm: ginger and apple juice and half a cream cheese roll
3.30pm: arrival and immediate departure from Plan B audition on being met by a swarm of young dancers spilling out of the Soho studio, all of them clutching a sheet of A4 with a number on it.
4pm: leisurely return to Hackney and no more emissions for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

8am 2 bowel explosions; coffee.
12pm 1 more (explosion)
1pm cheese and ham sandwich on brown bread and bottle of sparkling water in Cafe Nero, Brixton.
3pm a collection of small loose stools. Perhaps it's lactose intolerance and not IBS. Or even Celiac Disease?
4pm Knotted sensation all afternoon
8pm Still not eaten. Glad I'm not doing The Poof Downstairs in the Fringe after all, I'd only have to keep leaving the stage to do collections of small stools.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Sunday 25th July
8am: 1 banana, porridge, peppermint tea
1.30pm: Omelet. Bread.
3pm: two bowel openings while at gym
6pm: cheese and coleslaw sandwich
9pm: lentils, vegetables and rice

Monday 26th July
8am: 1 poo on rising
8.15am: 1 tea, banana, porridge
8.45am: 2
more poos
12 noon: cappuccino and muffin
1pm: 2 poos in quick succession (10 minute gap)
6pm: Cheese sandwich (white bread) and chips
9pm: small amount of rice, lentils and vegetables.
stewed rhubarb, camomile tea

Tuesday 27th July
8am: tea, banana, porridge
8.30am: runny poo
10.30am: again
1.45pm: cheese sandwich, crisps, chocolate
3pm: diarrhea
5pm: yoghurt and banana smoothie, piece of cake
9pm: bread and cheese, rice, broccoli, nuts and tofu

Wednesday 28th July
6.45am: peppermint tea, banana
9am: Small loose bowel movement (not urgent)
9.30am: Cappuccino & muffin
12 noon: small, loose stools, but no urgency to go
(same with earlier opening)
2.30pm: cheese & ham sandwich on brown bread, packet of crisps,
sparkling water
5pm: cheese roll (white bread)
9.30pm: rice & butter beans in tomato sauce, apple

Thursday 29th July
6.45am: peppermint tea, apple
9am: omelet, bread roll & butter
10.10am: urgency to go after 10 mins on running machine in gym
(many small loose stools)
10.25: urgency to leave running machine again,
though hardly anything came out.
1.30pm: cheese sandwich on brown bread
(on train to London Fields from Liverpool
Street Station), piece of white chocolate.
6pm: chicken leg, roast potatoes, salad
8pm: a crumpet
10.30pm: bread, cheese, salad

Friday 30th July
8am: poo (normal)
8.15am: black coffee
9am: several small loose stools
10am: small stringy poo