The Poof Downstairs

'We're notionally here to watch an awful-sounding autobiographical drama, in which Haynes will recount his life from birth to the present. But his cast has just bailed, and though Haynes does perform a few scenes solo, the show is essentially one rambling digression, in which he distractedly references a litany of appalling personal failings that he is either oblivious to or has only just noticed. It is, at its core, very very funny, a darker descendent of 'Tristam Shandy', with Haynes putting in a magnetic performance that's by turns dry, flamboyant, self-mocking and near to the exceptionally polished performance.' (Andrzej Lukowski, Time Out, Critics' Choice)

'You have to be very good to sustain such a delicate web of material and Jon is very, very good...go and watch the magic that can be generated by an actor who is truly in control.' (The Public Reviews)

'Exquisite. Hilariously observed and executed.'  (Matt Trueman, Culture Wars)

'Jon Haynes' brilliant one-man show The Poof Downstairs, the autobiographical play that never gets started but exists in smatterings and preview moments among a welter of intimate prevarications and confessions: like the best stand-up comedy it was clever, neurotic, and very, very, funny.'  (Crysse Morrison)

'...once you let go of expectation and preconception (wait...was that the fourth wall that just crashed down behind me? No, my mistake, it's still very much in place), and allow yourself to just go with the flow of the piece, you may just find yourself enjoying this show in all its discombobulated and meanderingly awkward brilliance...I'm not so sure I'd say this of 'Jon' the character, but I'd relish the opportunity to be stuck next to Jon the writer at a dinner party or on a transcontinental flight.'  (Guy Frawley, XS Entertainment, Brisbane)   

'Controversial...I've never seen such a load of rubbish in my life.'  (ABC Radio, Brisbane)

'The Poof Downstairs...seems to have had mixed reviews with no two reports sounding quite like they are about the same show' (

'A bewildering theatrical in-joke' (The Guardian)