Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Sunday 25th July
8am: 1 banana, porridge, peppermint tea
1.30pm: Omelet. Bread.
3pm: two bowel openings while at gym
6pm: cheese and coleslaw sandwich
9pm: lentils, vegetables and rice

Monday 26th July
8am: 1 poo on rising
8.15am: 1 tea, banana, porridge
8.45am: 2
more poos
12 noon: cappuccino and muffin
1pm: 2 poos in quick succession (10 minute gap)
6pm: Cheese sandwich (white bread) and chips
9pm: small amount of rice, lentils and vegetables.
stewed rhubarb, camomile tea

Tuesday 27th July
8am: tea, banana, porridge
8.30am: runny poo
10.30am: again
1.45pm: cheese sandwich, crisps, chocolate
3pm: diarrhea
5pm: yoghurt and banana smoothie, piece of cake
9pm: bread and cheese, rice, broccoli, nuts and tofu

Wednesday 28th July
6.45am: peppermint tea, banana
9am: Small loose bowel movement (not urgent)
9.30am: Cappuccino & muffin
12 noon: small, loose stools, but no urgency to go
(same with earlier opening)
2.30pm: cheese & ham sandwich on brown bread, packet of crisps,
sparkling water
5pm: cheese roll (white bread)
9.30pm: rice & butter beans in tomato sauce, apple

Thursday 29th July
6.45am: peppermint tea, apple
9am: omelet, bread roll & butter
10.10am: urgency to go after 10 mins on running machine in gym
(many small loose stools)
10.25: urgency to leave running machine again,
though hardly anything came out.
1.30pm: cheese sandwich on brown bread
(on train to London Fields from Liverpool
Street Station), piece of white chocolate.
6pm: chicken leg, roast potatoes, salad
8pm: a crumpet
10.30pm: bread, cheese, salad

Friday 30th July
8am: poo (normal)
8.15am: black coffee
9am: several small loose stools
10am: small stringy poo

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